Customer Testimonials

Below are just some of the testimonials that we have received at Ey Mate from satisfied customers.

Customer 1 –

We found David of Ey Mate Computer Services to be very polite and helpful. David walked through what he was doing and always made sure we knew what was happening. I just find this type of service more valuable than being not informed of what is going on. Many Thanks. — Craig

Customer 2 –

I had a problem with my Tablet that David helped me purchase. The choice in Tablet has been fantastic and really would talk to David again about future purchases. The problem was, I had some trouble downloading books onto Moon Reader. David spent what appeared to be only a couple of minutes on it and said it was done. He then took some more time to advise me on what to do next time I want a book. Since David’s help I have very little issues although I do have him on speed dial just in case. — Graham

Customer 3 –

Thank you Ey Mate Computer Services, you are the best! Retrieving ALL my data (lifesaver) & fixing my computer!! Now still yet to re-load everything. External hard drive is now my best friend! & I’ll try to make better friends with Norton thank you!!! — Jess

Customer 4 –

Being computer illiterate to a large extent, and being in our late sixties, it was great having David teach us how things work in computer la la land. David successfully got our equipment working, cleaned it up and improved the speed noticeably. He also talked to us about what was happening so that our understanding reached new levels. Regards, — Heather

Customer 5 –

Ey Mate Computer Services came on over and I asked him to help me connect some devices to a new WiFi set-up. I appreciate what David did because he showed me what he was doing. Very happy we now have our iphones, tablets, laptops on the network now and thus far no problems! Thanks David — Helen

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